So we are off to St.Tropez! 

From June 1st we invite you to our pop-up store arranged in Między Nami Cafe on Bracka street. And later this summer we are opening our first ice-cream shop in Powiśle district on Rozbrat 22/24! Stay tuned for details!

Orinoko, Limoncello, Cassis, Armani… this summer these will become more than just a taste of your favourite pastry. Lukullus in St. Tropez is our new upcoming project and it’s all about ice-cream! Our goal is to make ice-cream as tasty as our pastries. Natural? Traditional? Artisanal? Sure! But it’s also going to be based on recipes from world’s top ice-cream makers, among them Emmanuel Ryon, France’s MOF „glacier”. Some of his best recipes and our favourite flavour combinations will be at the heart of Lukullus in St. Tropez! And it’s going to be damn sexy since Magda Łapińska takes care of the looks!