Olka Osadzińska is a young artist, art director and curator from Poland. She has worked on various national and international art projects. Her artistic experience spans across art, fashion and lifestyle as well as online through a collaboration with the influential magazines and brands such as Reebok, Hugo Boss, Nike, Jägermeister, Max Factor, SABMiller and others. As well as with magazines such as Elle, Glamour, Commons&Sense, D la Repubblica and with Condé Nast titles. She designed two signature shoes for a global brand Reebok, with the third release planned for Spring/Summer 2015. Last year she created the first illustrated cover in the history of Elle magazine. Her works were displayed at solo as well as at group exhibitions and in the latest Gestalten book of fashion illustration: “The Beautiful. Illustrations for Fashion and Style”.

For Lukullus Olka Osadzińska prepared an illustration for Valentine’s Day 2015.