Do you deliver?

We do not offer direct delivery service. You can pick up our products at one of six locations in Warsaw. We only deliver large cakes to the site that do not fit in our display coolers.

Can I order a cake with an inscription?

We do not make inscriptions directly on cakes, on special request we prepare elegant hot stamping plates ordered in the printing house. You can order a plate with any inscription at least three working days in advance. The cost of the plate is PLN 10.

Do you make cakes in shapes - for example animals, objects etc.? Do you make children's cakes?

We do not have an offer dedicated to children, we do not make cakes in non-standard shapes. As we use only natural ingredients, we do not make cakes decorated with colored icing.

Can I take photos in your cafes?

Only on condition that the photos do not have a negative impact on the comfort of other guests. Due to the above, we do not make our premises available for photo sessions.

Which pastries are suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women?

There are no raw eggs or unpasteurized milk in any of our products, so they can all be consumed by pregnant and nursing mothers. Of course, the matter is always individual: mom or baby may be allergic to a specific ingredient. All our locations have lists of allergens found in specific products. Ask for a list of allergens from our customer advisor during the purchase.

Which pastry is suitable for a child?

If the child is not allergic to a specific ingredient (allergens are: wheat, eggs, milk and dairy products, almonds, walnuts: hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, pecans, Brazil nuts, pistachios, macadamia, sesame), they can eat anything. Children should not eat products containing alcohol, such as, for example, Chocolate hherry.

What are donuts and angel wings fried on?

We fry donuts and angel wings traditionally in lard. Lard has a very high boiling point, thanks to which angel wings and donuts absorb a minimum amount of fat during frying.

Can I order angel wins without powdered sugar, poppy seed cake without icing, Chocolate cherry without alcohol, etc.?

We sincerely apologize, but we do not change the recipes and decorations of our products.

How much is the decoration for a special cake?

The price of decorating a special cake depends on the type and amount of flowers or fruit used. You can get a detailed quote for your cake at zam

Are there any gluten free products?

Our offer includes several flour-free products that can be eaten by people allergic to gluten: Cassis, Chocolate cherry, Jasminum, Pavlova. However, all our cakes are made in one workshop, so products without flour in the recipe may contain traces of gluten.