Taste. Beauty. Warsaw. We base our philosophy on those three. In this order. First of all, we want to create delicious pastries. We adhere to the principle of “less is more” therefore we are choosing the simplest combinations of flavors. We believe in the power of fine ingredients, generosity of recipes and reliability of craftsmanship. Secondly, we admire beauty. We want our sweets to be beautiful as well as beautiful should be everything that surrounds them: the packaging, the interiors and windows of our pastry shops. For years we have been cooperating with illustrators who create seasonal versions of packaging. We are proud that Lukullus’s “cookie boxes” are on display in the permanent exhibition of the packaging cabinet of the Museum of Warsaw. We work with the best Polish architects, we obsessively care about the aesthetic details of our confectioneries and cafes. We love Warsaw. Despite many franchise offers, we will not open a location outside the capital. We are from here and we want to work here. We want to contribute to the landscape of a diverse, neat capital, cosmopolitan and local at the same time.