#helloicecream! Lukullus opens its branded ice-cream shop! Address: 22/24 Rozbrat street in the Powiśle district. Take off: May 11th. We dreamt of an ice-cream shop different than any other and that’s why: We chose ingredients that are all natural and of highest quality: rose has to be the damask kind from the Bulgarian Rose Valley; cream and butter has to be from Grajewo dairy; vanilla has to be the Bourbon variety from Madagascar. In our ice-cream repertoire we introduced flavors, that have worked best in our pastries over the course of years: dark chocolate works great with Tonka bean, Jasmin goes well with mango and lime, rose goes perfectly with raspberries and oranges with Persian saffron. For each taste individually we seeked the finest ingredients, the most generous recipes (e.g. from the world’s ice-cream master Emmanuel Ryon) and ideal structure. To find the perfect vanilla ice-cream we compared over 30 recipes from Italy, France and the US! We macerate fruit for 24 hours, thanks to which our sorbets are so intense in flavour. We “mature” our ice cream before churning in some cases even for two days, so that their consistency becomes ideally creamy and velvety. We started producing our own pralines, pastes made from nuts, to extract as much aroma as possible. With Magda Łapińska we designed colorful packaging inspired by crazy designers from the Italian Memphis group. And with Aleksandra Wasilkowska we decorated a whimsical interior of our ice-cream shop with gold, terrazzo and… body parts :). Lukullus takes off to St. Tropez! Get on board!